Monday, December 30, 2013

Urban Juxtaposition #9

I just arrived from Jakarta that day. Out of usual schedule, I reach Bandung around 3 PM instead of 7 PM. I jump on Caringin - Sadang Serang public transportation as usual and when it pass the Tamansari street for the first time I realize how close that Cihampelas apartment building to the nearby crowd of houses.

I grab my camera as I reach home and get back to Tamansari. Lurking around for a while and shortly after I found this nice spot. A traditional dine in shop with explicit "Nasi Soto, Nasi Pecel" billboard hanging on the roof, in perfect position against the Cihampelas apartment. This is what I'm looking for!

Several motorcycle rider passing, youth couple and few others. But I don't think they will make a good story. Until that boy coming out from the shop. I guess he is the child of shop owner. His innocent expression and the body language tell us that he enjoy his surroundings. He put both his leg in a "biopori", the hole drilled to enhance land absorption of rain water. At that time, this is one of Ridwan Kamil's (Bandung's Mayor) program to anticipate flood in Bandung.

Cihampelas apartment development is still in progress. Giving a stronger satire that biopori is an early anticipation about the future problem caused by the apartment.

24 Dec 2013
Nikon D700
AF Nikkor 35mm f/2D
ISO 400 - f/8 - 1/125s

Project : Urban Juxtaposition

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