Monday, December 30, 2013

Urban Juxtaposition #5

I walk to Sangkuriang street, a place near home but I seldom visiting. Honestly, this is the first time in my life to come to this spot. A banks of houses along Dago hillside facing the Ciumbuleuit hillside. The two hills are separated by a valley with Cikapundung river on the bottom. Bandung is topographically interesting indeed.

I'm shooting from the Dago side, with Ciumbuleuit apartment on the background. As HCB has taught, I work my composition first. I find a laundry being dried in a very familiar local hanger structure, a concrete stairs going downward and houses along the alley. Nice. I just need human element to create a story.

Few minutes later, a middle-aged lady and a girl is coming. I think the girl is her grand daughter, considering the age gap. I give them a smile, they smile back, seem not disturbed by my presence. I like the girl's dress color, it makes a good combination with the laundry, but unfortunately not with the grandmother. Never mind.

I know in advance that I can't get them full body, side by side with the laundry. I let them pass over the laundry one or two step, and then I take the shot. I take several shots more after that, but I find the first one is the strongest.

30 Nov 2013
Nikon D700
AF Nikkor 35mm f/2D
ISO 400 - f/11 - 1/160s

Project : Urban Juxtaposition

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