Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Urban Juxtaposition #3

This photo was taken in the same spot as the Urban Juxtaposition #2. By coincidence that kid is passing by and hike the concrete stairs, making a good foreground. I wait several minutes here and have another shot with the same kid going down the stairs. But I think the going up is stronger visually.

I like the green nuance of the moss on the concrete wall at the lower right. Combined with the green painted curtain on the left and the green-brown of the roof. If the house was painted in yellow, I think it will create a stronger color combination. Nevertheless, it still convey the story about how different the life in a traditional houses to that in apartment. Look at the bird cage. Will you have a bird in apartment ?

24 Nov 2013
Nikon D700
AF Nikkor 35mm f/2D
ISO 400 - f/9 - 1/200s

Project : Urban Juxtaposition

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