My name is Jimmy Merari, I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I'm a software development professional who have deep interest in photography. Beyond capturing great moments with family and friends,  I take photography as a means to embrace the artist inside me :)

I started to learn photography back then in film days, when digital camera still not exists. It was 1993 when I still in high school. My father bought me Yashica 108, a very capable SLR camera with P, A, M mode, equipped with 28-80 mm zoom lens. I learn much about photography using this equipment. I must admit that Yashica is not my dream camera. I erase the already fading Yashica label on the prism body, render it to complete anonymous. Another little tweak I made to this camera is I successfully installed a PC connector to the front cover, make this camera ready for studio shooting. I'm one of those MacGyver-ian boy :)  Despite of love-hate relationship between me and Yashica 108, it proved to be reliable enough to use at 3000+ meters high Indonesian volcano, traveling to Europe and doing the assignment from my church for baptize and wedding documentary.

After I graduated from university, I'm not doing photography that much, merely for family and not so serious shoots. In 2006, I bought me a DSLR, the once popular and now outdated Nikon D70s. That time I felt I already got my dream camera. Unfortunately, I lost interest in photography while pursuing excellence in another artistry (I'm a classical singer and a choral conductor wannabe).

Mid 2013, after chasing desire to many different directions, the mood is raise again and bring me to re-activate my photography. It's so great to feel that excitement again. In my early days, I frequently took a note about my photo in a specialized notebook. It is literally an analog paper book written using a pen. This blog is meant as digital version of that notebook.

29 Dec 2013

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