Monday, June 9, 2014

Contact Sheet : Bread Talk Tamini Square

I was at the lobby of Tamini Square, waiting for the driver to pick me up. I've visited this place many times before, always in a time tight business situation. That evening, I just finished all my work activities and have few more minutes before go back to Bandung. Then I saw these parallel lines on the floor is very inviting to take a picture. The only camera I have is my smartphone. So with full hope for luck I play again with this slowish laggish camera shutter.

I took 11 shots and found three of them to be good enough, capturing the move of walking people in relation to those parallel lines. At the end, I like the below image the most. It shows the pattern clearly and directs the eye to the dark clothed woman walking on the middle ground. Not bad for three minutes photo session using the better-than-nothing camera.

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