Saturday, February 1, 2014

Urban Juxtaposition #15

I'm expecting a night scene like Venice, Italy. But it turns out not as I thought. The houses along the river don't have enough lamp to brighten the scene, so here the image I've got.

I make this shot in response to Phillips LED photo competition. They just installed LED lamps to lit the Pasupati and organize a photo contest as part of their marketing campaign.

Here I get into exposure exercise again. A week before I make attempt to capture the LED, and I found the sky is too dark because I take the shot after the blue hour is over. This time, I have my equipments ready on 5:45 PM and wait until the blue hour starts. By 6:35 PM, I'm finished.

I found this spot a month before, a nice juxtaposition of Pasupati against the houses along the Cikapundung river. If only those houses have more lights, it would make a nice reflection on the water, giving more shape to balance with the Pasupati.

31 Jan 2014
Nikon D700
AF Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D
ISO 400 - f/8 - 1/1.3s

Project : Urban Juxtaposition