Friday, April 18, 2014

Project : Urban Shapes (Geometry)

"The greatest joy for me is geometry, that means structure. You can go shooting for shades or pattern and all this, but ... it's essential pleasure and it's an intellectual pleasure at the same time to have everything in the right place. It's recognition of an order, which is in front of you." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

In this project I want to sharpen my skill on "The Art of Seeing". How to recognize visual elements and arrange them to create a harmonious picture. In addition to HCB's quote above, there are three youtube videos which inspire me to delve more about the fine art of visual imagery.

Adam Marelli is a sculptor and photographer. He believes that mastery of art could be taught to anyone. In this video, he dissects some world known iconic images to show the basic visual elements that build those images.

Eileen Rafferty talks about the same thing in a more syllabic approach, the way we learn art in school course. The topics being discussed is presented in a sequence that built upon another, which is good for systematic self learning.

Art Wolfe is a painter turns to photographer. He use his knowledge of classical painting to build the visual concept of his photographs. In this video, he shows some of his works and the particular painting that inspires him.

All those three talk about the foundation of art and design. They take photography only as a means to create art. They all have background in art education, even HCB himself is a painter. Then I realize that in order to improve my photography, I have to learn more about arts, visual design and history of classical paintings.

For this project, I will emphasize more on the design aspect and less attention about the story. Not to be ignorance about the storytelling-ness of photography, but let's be realistic. I need time to develop my skill.

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