Saturday, January 18, 2014


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  1. Starting from the injection aspect, a location ring is fitted to the back of the rear backing plate, this locates and centralises the mould into the mounted platen. The sprue bush is profiled with a radius to match up with the injection unit nozzle so that material may be instantly transferred from the injection unit through to the mould cavity. Heated or hot runner systems additionally be} incorporated in the mounted half of the mould such that the sprue and runner feed system is consistently molten and due to this fact not ejected at the finish of the cycle. Instead the molten material remaining in the Bike Helmets for Women hot runner system after injection of a component forms part of of} the subsequent shot. Many varieties of|several types of|various kinds of} gating additionally be} used to connect the runner system to the mould cavities. Gates are ideally as small as potential to be able to} minimise the potential ‘witness’ mark on the component.