Saturday, November 23, 2013

Project : Urban Juxtaposition

In this project, I want to re-learn the basic of composition. About the rule of third, leading line, foreground vs background, all those stuff we found on many basic composition tutorial. Why urban ? Because I live in urban environment, it would be much easier for me to hunt for good picture. It takes zero cost too, just walk from home.

I've learn that to get a good "content", many great masters take advantage of juxtaposition. They put dissimilar objects into the frame in such a way to create contrast. A strong imagery emerges from the conflict of its element.

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In Retrospect

19 Apr 2014

At the beginning, I previsualize the juxtaposition to be a high rise building surrounded by the daily life around it. I seek for the contrast between a modern building with its traditional surroundings. In the first month, I take 5 photowalks going into various alleys I've never been before. It's quite exciting. There's so many interesting places within 3 km radius from home. I got those unique images which 99% population never seen before. By the end of one month period, I've got 10 shots which I considered good enough,with shot #10 being the one that I envisioned at the start of this project.

At this point, I already got what I wanted but I don't want to close this project yet. At the same time, I started to get bored with the high rise building subject matter and try to find another subject. Several weeks later, I completely loose interest on this juxtaposition idea. I still take photowalks focus on another subject, with occasionally take one or two random shot aimed for this project. By the end of three month period, I decided to terminate this project. I think I've exercised myself enough around this theme.

I shared most of the shots to Street Photographers G+ Community. Photo #7 and #8 got the most +1's (around 30-40). Not bad huh? I think those two photos got such significant attention due to its pictorial aspect. Other photos tend to be more of a photojournalism/social documentary than pictorial. This kind of picture has more potential if presented as a photo story with properly scripted narratives instead of presented stand alone.

I use 35mm f/2D lens on 13 out of all 16 shots. Mostly in f/8 or f/11. I found this focal length to be very practical for street photography. I even bought another one, the Nikkor AI manual focus for use on film camera. I planned to shoot film in near time soon.

All in all, I think this project has been a good learning for me.

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